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Get 50-200 new patients reaching out to YOU within 30 days with the NEW Digital Hybrid Method™ or get your money back!

Yes, we are so confident that the Pay-per-patient Method™ will work for you, as it has worked for dental practices in over 40 markets, that if we don’t deliver on our promise you’ll get a 100% refund.

 Apply now to start getting patients on demand and grow your practice without burning money on marketing agencies, or time-consuming and outdated methods like newspapers or flyers. 

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How to get your schedule jam-packed with qualified patients who need treatments ASAP, and have no problem affording them.

(Without spending time on marketing, so you can focus on creating transformational experiences for your patients)

Directly from my desk:

Patrik Lorentzson, 27 November 2019

What is the NEW Digital Hybrid Method?

  • It is NOT just another marketing agency which delivers “5260 website views and 62 likes” but still can’t tell you how many actual patients you got (and charges you 1500-2500€ every month).
  • It is NOT about posting thing on Facebook or Instagram and building “social media presence”.
  • It is NOT about pushing outdated methods like mailers, flyers, radio, Google Ads and SEO.

The Digital Hybrid Method™ is a SHORTCUT.

A lack of patients is a symptom of a much greater problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news). After you have filled out your application you will get a chance to book your Strategy Call, where you will discover the actual blueprint we created after working with dental practices from all over Europe. You will now have access to all of the processes, strategies and systems that we use to catapult dental clinics in any local market.

Results = Patients contacting the clinic about getting an appointment
Cost per result (10kr = 1€)

WARNING: Location exclusivity policy

We help dental practices DOMINATE their local market. Therefore we have a location exclusivity policy that says we can only work with ONE dental practice per area. Click here to apply now, and secure exclusivity in your area.

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